Thursday, March 4, 2010

Play Date

I somehow survived the weekend trip to New York to visit my daughter, and the heaviest of snowfalls that Canandaguia has received this year.  Not quite Snowmaggedon, but it was close. 

Dug the ex-wife out of a driveway of the white stuff, got the snow blower out to take care of the drive so she could get some friends into the house for a while, and above all, got to hang out with the best kid in the world. Mine.

We did a lot this weekend.  Got me acclimatized to her mother's birds: and African Grey with feather plucking issues, a pair of mated Cockatiels who she's rehabilitating, and a fairly sane and sweet little Cockatiel who hops on shoulders and then nuzzles.  There were also several cats to be introduced to.  And I got to see some of my old stuff again.  OK, it was our stuff once upon a time, but Laura got our old bed, I was amazed at how comfy the old girl was when I found it in the guest room.  Gabe challenged her old man to several games of Clue, only to discover that Daddy is a Zen Master at Clue, and when we got down to a three round butt whoopin' in the Conservatory, with the knife, and Mrs. Peacock off in chains, she decided it was time for a new game.

There was a fair amount of goofing around, but the highlight for me--beyond being able to make my girl breakfast--was the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester.  

A museum for kids that encourages them to race around like wild monkeys and touch just about everything.  How cool is that?  Plenty to do, plenty to see, nooks and crannies filled with books and toys, and you can go there three days a week for a month and still find more neat stuff.  Yes, the Hall of Fame is a little odd: ball is apparently in the Hall of Fame. Ball. The ball. Yes, I think they were trying too hard with that, but still, there are a ton of great old toys--my old GI Joes with the kung fu grip were in there.  For the history buff, it's a great place to see the amusements of yore, and for kids, it's great to see that fun has a history.  

If you get out to Rochester, and you've got a day to kill, I can't recommend the Museum of Play stronger.  Though, I would watch out for the gift shop.  Gabe discovered the very creepy fun of Stretchy Arms Gorilla and Squeezy Frog...


  1. Gabe is a darling. Lucky guy. I always wanted a daughter, in addition to my son.