Monday, January 31, 2011

Bewbs in Mah YouTubes?

To be entirely fair, I haven't paid much attention to YouTube for a while.  Hulu and other streaming sites have kept my attention for watching stuff.  Yes, there were the occasional links to the ridiculous and strange, but YouTube's takeover by teh Google, pretty much passed me by.  Yes, that is old news, but I pretty much ignored the limited licenses that folks like CBS, Lion's Gate, and MGM made to offer up films. My connection has been spotty at best for a while, and this summer at Mesa Verde that connection was almost non-existent.  Which explains the bareness of my post history here too.  Mea culpa.

So, now that I have a strong connection, my old and slow computer is back, and my TV habit sharply curtailed by a lack of interest in sitting down with the big screen, save to play games and movies, I was surprised to see the various channels for films.  Not the uploaded anime in 10 minute snippets, or films chopped to channels, but full length films that are licensed.  For me, a wealth of Shaw Brothers movies makes me a happy guy.

Imagine my surprise when going through, and lo, there were boobs in mah tubes.  Not porn or cam girl nudes, but the usual mild sessy that many HK films went for.  Then in browsing for movie channels, realizing that there were a host of the old "nudist" films that went for the sessy stuff that tried to get around the censors in appearing to be about the nudist lifestyle.  Likewise, a whole raft of the Spaghetti Westerns, and without suffering the cutting room floor.  Let's not even get into the huge pile of detritus that masquerades as horror movies, made straight for video, and some of which doesn't even qualify for airing on Cinemax late at night.

I have to say, that it was a pleasant surprise.  Not so much because I am starved for boobs.  An American male, with an Internet connection, let's face it, I can see boobs on demand, even from my phone.  Finding porn isn't exactly a difficult thing.  If anything, thanks to Google, it's often a matter of making sure your Search Settings are set to at least Moderate to avoid finding out exactly how often Rule 34 is invoked.  (Or how many folks apparently are really into Pokemon porn.  Seriously, people, WTF?) The surprise was nice, because, let's face it, there are a lot of great films out there. Not all of them are for kids, and not all of them were just softcore dressed up for cable.  I am a fan of cheesy horror.  Goofy action films.  Spaghetti Westerns.  And in looking to finally compete against other streaming film sites, YouTube has finally become a stop for me.  Because it's finally treating me like an adult.

Grown people can handle the boobs, and I don't mind a mature content warning.  I'm not looking for YouTube to become a Consumption Junction clone by any means, but by providing content that isn't all PG rated, I finally have a use for the service--because before, let's face it, the sessiest you got on YouTube was aspiring camwhores practicing before heading elsewhere to monetize their assets and finding their way to a Gentlemen's Club near you. Other than seeing some kid rack himself on a skateboard.  Or seeing Julia Nunes do another ukele based song.  Speaking of which:

Is this an endorsement for bewbs and softcore?  Well, maybe a little, because bewbs are a good thing. But less an endorsement, than a thank you to YouTube for treating me like a gottverdammt adult after so long.  Bewbs aren't going to curve our spines, and keep us from winning the war, and treating the public like adults on occasion might actually keep the service relevant and useful, even to cranky bastiches like myself.  Who are actually going to YouTube to look for more than just the occasional video to link into emails to woo gals with pretty gray eyes and mobile kiesters. Speaking of which, YouTube finally got some folks who revere Kyu Sakamoto.  Sukiyaki was one of those tunes my mother used to sing when I was a wee boy, and finding this original video, apparently kicked up a lot of dust in the room.

Thanks YouTube for not devolving, and for becoming more useful as time has gone on.  Unlike some social networks, you're actually keeping up, and that's nice to see.  Some sites ARE slicker and more polished, but it's nice to see the old girl has a few new tricks, and some fun licensed content.

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