Thursday, February 11, 2010

Can We Please Stop Giving This Woman MOAR Press?


Yes, I fully understand the priceless irony of devoting space to this question.

Yes, Former-Governor Palin managed to grab headlines again, and now for a second time while on vacation to Hawaii by quitting her vacation early because of all the media attention.

It's time folks to call a spade, a spade.

Sarah Palin is not a naif.  She is not a rookie on the scene any longer. She is not some uncultured hick from the backwoods, and she is certainly not dumb.

Polished?  Not so much.  Deeply intellectual?  Not by a long shot.  But can we please stop treating her every word and deed as if she WASN'T playing for press?

Sarah Palin didn't graduate with honors, and it did take her a bit to actually get through school thanks to transfers and some degree of scholastic inefficiency, but she DID graduate.  And with a journalism degree.  And she even parlayed that degree into a short lived career on television news.

She may not be a tower of intellectualism, but she is a professional.  She is a professional politician, and she knows how the media operates.  She has been a part of that media even.  So, can we please dispense with Idiot Palin Narfs It Up Again stories?

Former Governor Palin made a calculated flap with her Hat Trick. I give full credit to The Washington Post's Jonathon Capeheart for that turn of phrase.  But let's face it, the woman manipulates the press like an instrument to get attention.  The idea that she "didn't want to attract attention" and then pull a boneheaded stunt, to draw more attention doesn't fly. She's not that naive.  She is not that guileless.  And can we start calling her on this BS?

She left Hawaii and her vacation short--which will be called being "hounded" by the press in a disingenuous victimhood that simply offends me to no end--and there will be folks who rally to her support as they do to other professional victims.

In the media, big and small, can we please start calling her on this bullshit, please?

Give the woman her due: she is NOT uneducated.  Polished?  Not so much, but to continue to fall for the faux folksy crap is for the birds.  I'm sick of the faux folsky crap.  Tired.  GW was a Yale educated son of a political player, and he was someone folks wanted to have a beer with because he could mime an accent and a dumb ass chuckle.  Why are folks letting this journalist turned politician off the hook for USING HER GODDAMN DEGREE AND PRETENDING THAT IT DOESN'T EXIST?

Seriously.  We cannot let her get away with this crap, because we owe it to ourselves and the people we do share airwaves with, and share opinion with in the blogosphere--boy do I hate that term--to call her on this.

She's not a naif. She's not uneducated. She knows what she does, and rewarding her for this kind of disingenuous ploy for press is not just annoying, it only gives this aware and watchful player on the political stage not just more attention, but a pass on the spotlight that she deserves: as a slick, mean spirited, and clever huckster who has no real intellectual gas in the tank, but enough native smarts, and professional chops to get the press she wants.

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